(10 FAQs) (10 FAQs)

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What is Stein Mart’s return policy

If you’re not happy with your Stein Mart purchase, you can return most items within 30 days of receipt for a refund. Exceptions include final sale items, which are marked as such on the product page, and items that are damaged or defective. If you received a damaged or defective item, Stein Mart will provide a prepaid return label.


How often do Stein Mart clearance sales occur

Stein Mart clearance sales typically occur every other week. However, sometimes they’ll have special clearance sales that happen more often. For example, they might have a summer clearance sale where they offer an extra 10-15% off already clearance prices.


What is the typical discount percentage for Stein Mart clearance items

When an item is clearance at Stein Mart, that means it is discounted anywhere from 20-60% off the original price. The majority of clearance items are discounted 40-50% off. Occasionally, select items will be discounted even more, up to 60% off. Clearance items are typically marked with a red clearance sticker, and the percentage off is usually listed on the sticker.

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How many items does Stein Mart typically have on clearance at any given time

Stein Mart typically has between 100 and 200 items on clearance at any given time. This clearance selection changes frequently, so be sure to check back often for the best deals!


Is Stein Mart’s online clearance section updated as frequently as the in-store clearance section

No, the online clearance section is not updated as frequently as the in-store clearance section. The in-store clearance section is updated daily, while the online clearance section is only updated once a week.


How does Stein Mart determine which items to put on clearance

When it comes to clearance items, Stein Mart is all about giving customers the best bang for their buck. The retailer strives to offer a wide variety of clearance merchandise, including both seasonal and non-seasonal items. In order to determine which items to put on clearance, Stein Mart takes many factors into consideration.

First and foremost, the retailer looks at whether or not an item is selling well. If an item isn’t selling as well as expected, it’s likely that it will end up on clearance. Additionally, Stein Mart looks at how long an item has been in stock. Seasonal items, in particular, are more likely to be put on clearance once they’ve been sitting on shelves for a while. Finally, the retailer also considers how popular an item is with its customers. If an item is a customer favorite, it’s less likely to be put on clearance.

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No matter what ends up on clearance, Stein Mart always strives to provide its customers with great deals on quality merchandise.


Can clearance items be returned to Stein Mart stores

I love a good bargain, and I’m always on the lookout for clearance items when I’m shopping. I was wondering if you can return clearance items to Stein Mart stores?

It turns out that you can! Stein Mart has a great return policy – you can return clearance items within 60 days as long as you have your original receipt. Plus, they offer a full refund or exchange. So if you’re not happy with your purchase, you can easily get your money back.

I think this is great news for bargain shoppers like me. Now we can shop for clearance items without worrying about whether or not we’ll be able to return them. Thanks, Stein Mart!


Are Stein Mart gift cards valid on clearance items

Yes, Stein Mart gift cards are valid on clearance items. The company wants to make it easy for people to shop for clearance items and use their gift cards. They want to encourage people to shop clearance items because they are a great deal.


If an item is purchased on clearance and then goes on sale, can the customer get a price adjustment

No, the customer cannot get a price adjustment.


Does Stein Mart offer free shipping on clearance items

No, Stein Mart does not offer free shipping on clearance items.